Streamers Wanted!

The rise in popularity of eSports has been exponential over the past few years, with millions of sponsorship dollars being up for grabs. Fans watch, cheer and even gamble on the outcome of matches that are streamed all around the globe. The competition, teamwork and strategy are examined as each gamer vies for their position amongst the gaming greats.

Ultimate Team Gear is excited to join this new market and expand our apparel to eSports. Many of us on the team are avid game players and fans of some of the biggest streamers that play the games we love. eSports has been earning popularity in the past few years by both game play and viewership and we are looking to add to this popularity with the launch of our new gaming channel and apparel line.

The UTGGaming (UTGG) channel has launched showcasing guest gamers playing a variety of games like Overwatch, Fortnite, Rocket League and Call of Duty. While our guest gamers will be enjoying our apparel, the fans watching the stream will enjoy awesome gaming and chances to win and take advantage of great deals on our apparel as well.

As many viewers have already noticed, the channel will be interactive, with fans being able to interact with other viewers and the guest gamer as well. This unique gaming experience will help branch the amateur and pro gaming community and allow players to feel even more connected.

So how does one become a guest gamer and what are we looking for? To become a guest gamer, simply email with which game you play, your skill level and the platform you play on. We are looking for charismatic and entertaining game players that bring out the best in their teammates and opponents. We are looking for self promotors that know they are good and want to get better.

Enjoy the Stream!

Michael Minor 

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