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Chances are, if it is a Friday night in early Spring or Summer, there is only one place you will find Jeb Thomes and Tim Warner: Gravity Park, USA.  Gravity Park, USA is a motocross and stock car racing facility where, week in and week out, Tim Warner Racing Team take to the track to prove how they are the best in the area. Every week they battle, opponents, the track, and potential mechanical problems to make it into Victory Lane.

"Jeb approached Ultimate Team Gear, giving our designers an opportunity and challenge to not only design their jersey but to brand the Warner Racing team from clothing down to the car. Our designers had a great time and most welcomed the challenge. I couldn't be happier to be apart of the project" says Ultimate Team Gear C.E.O. and owner Charles Peterson.

This racing team is made up of 6 dedicated individuals including the Crew Chief Jeb Thomes and Driver/Owner Tim Warner. The Team spends sleepless nights, and long hours, to make sure their car is in tip-top shape to compete on a weekly basis.

Jeb Thomes began his racing career two decades ago after buying a local racer’s car --it didn’t take long until he was hooked. After a few years of driving and managing his own car, he hooked up with Tim.  Fast forwarding to 2018 reveals how this team now dominates the field!

Tim Warner Racing has won week after week --five feature wins in a row!  In fact, they have just won the 2018 Gravity Park, USA Sport Mod Championship, and are now headed to SuperNationals. Certainly this success did not come without a fair portion of adversity.

Earlier this season Tim Warner Racing had what could have been a season-ending moment when the Ultimate Team Gear Warner Race car went crashing onto the track, barrel-rolling to a stop --completely destroying the vehicle. Most teams would have been counted out, and honestly many teams would have thrown in the towel. But, as the adage goes, “Where there’s a will, there is a way.”

The team borrowed an old chassis from another team, and with some insane work and a ton of hours, they were able to get the car in racing shape to continue their trek toward the championship.  Though they have held the point lead before, something always happens in the end to stop them from winning the championship.

Two weeks prior to the season’s end, after once again managing to gather a significant point lead, the engine blew and the team saw their hard work about to slip away.  While they had a good point lead, they needed to race in the last few races to gain the points necessary to win the championship.

Unlike past seasons, this time they would not be denied.  With a lot of work and effort, and a little help from the weather, they were able to get the car back in racing order, going on to win the championship.

The goal every week is to be the best on the track, and so we asked Jeb what advice he would give to people. Thinking for a moment, Jeb advises others to, “Educate yourself and put your time in.”  To this, Tim and Jeb went to school for a week to learn about chassis. The school taught them all of the technical aspects of the chassis and provided them with a lot of knowledge. They are now able to try different setups on their cars, making it so that they are better, faster, and the most consistent car on the track.

One thing that we learned from Jeb is that the racing community, while very competitive, is just that --a community. A community of people who love cars, love to go fast, and love to have a good time. You can join the community by following along Tim Warner Racing team on Facebook at

From all of us at Ultimate Team Gear we would like to congratulate Tim Warner Racing and crew chief Jeb Thomes on their Championship Run!

Michael Minor 

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